While still seeking to expand its reach and effectiveness, African Action on Health and Education has the following partners:

Action Africa Inc, Washington DC.

Action Salone on Health and Education (ASHE), Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Aid for Africa Federation: A USA based umbrella organization: AAHE’s affiliation is through its Action Africa, Washington DC connection.

Amen Foundation: A USA based religious charity that supports the training and work of catholic missionaries who in turn dedicate time in human development projects in Africa and elsewhere.

Community Initiative Program: (CIP-SL) A Sierra Leone based NGO that develops and implements programs in health and wellness, educational, micro finance and agriculture.

Pro –Micro Finance International: A Republic of Congo based NGO that offers micro-credit programs to rural women.

Oru Progressive Union: (OPU-USA) A U.S based Nigerian charity that organizes members and friends to support rural development in Imo State Nigeria