AAHE has been tending to the medical issues by holding free centers. At every center more than 1,000 grown-ups and kids get the nutrients and meds important to carry on with a solid life. They can’t stand to pay a specialist or to purchase solid nutrients and meds. Residents and restorative staff report that the most glaring therapeutic issues are: intestinal sickness, worms, hypertension, joint pain, and typhoid. We convey the restorative supplies from the United States specifically to the town, and doctors and attendants from the city come and volunteer their administrations. In a joint effort with town boss and older folks, educators, African volunteer therapeutic groups, and other town affiliations, AAHE has served a few thousand individuals in the course of the most recent 5 years.

Multivitamins and Over the Counter Pain Relief Drive

St. Teresa of Avila Church, in Washington, D.C., St. Michael’s Church in Mt. Vaporous, MD., and the NOVA Catholic Community in Arlington VA., have collaborated with AAHE in a drive for therapeutic supplies to help the free facilities. AAHE, Inc. is gathering multivitamins for kids and grown-ups and over the counter relief from discomfort prescriptions with the expectation of complimentary therapeutic facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. These prescriptions are conveyed straightforwardly to the town and circulated at the centers by doctors and medical caretakers who give their time.