• AAHE aim to develop the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to help government and private organizations, and educational sectors in Nigerian States.
  • To improve educational system in rural and urban communities through establishing and equipping of computers to education centers.
  • To create ICT job opportunities to people.
  • We prepare the trainees to have a competitive edge among their peers around the world.
  • To use ICT to create wealth in disadvantaged communities
  • To secure aninvolment of partners, including private and government sectors, academic institution and bilateral donors drawing in their knowledge and expertise, technical and financial benevolence in order to facilitate computer education in communities of Abia State.
  • To train adults, pupils and students on desk top publishing, paint, internet, e-mailing, Ms.Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, Graphic Designs, Photoshop, programming etc.

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